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The ASD Nest Model
A Framework for Inclusive Education for Higher Functioning Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders

This well-researched and evidence-based program was formulated in response to the severe shortage of educational programs designed for higher-functioning school-age children with ASD, which often leads to inappropriate placement, and a lack of supports...all of which inevitably results in poor educational experiences. In an effort to prevent this happening, this program uses a positive behavior support approach and incorporates strategies that address areas of difficulties common in children with autism spectrum disorder, specifically sensory functioning, social relatedness, self-regulation, managing anxiety, and selective cognitive problems. This program helps children with ASD function comfortably and successfully in mainstream settings in their schools and communities, whenever feasible, with decreased need for professional support. Having ASD does not need to result in a lifetime of dependency on others. We can give your loved one the tools needed to gain a lifestyle of healthy independence. With results-driven strategies on every page, be sure to add this must-read title to your ASD resources.


Lauren Hough, MsEd, is the coaching consultant for the ASD Nest Support Project at New York University's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. In this role, she provides professional development workshops, school-based consultation, and seminars on meeting the needs of school-aged students on the spectrum in inclusion settings. Prior to working as a consultant, Ms. Hough worked for five years as a special education teacher and school-based coach in the ASD Nest program. She is a coauthor of Everyday Classroom Strategies and Practices for Supporting Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Shirley Cohen, PhD, a professor in the Department of Special Education at Hunter College of the City University of New York for many years, became Professor Emeritus in 2011. In her role at Hunter College, Dr. Cohen co-developed the ASD Nest program for the New York City public schools with Dorothy Siegel of New York University, and continues to serve as a consultant and intervention developer for the program. She is the author of the book Targeting Autism, originally published in 1998 and since 2006 in its third edition, as well as two earlier books on disability: Special People (1977) and Respite Care (1985). She is also a coauthor of Everyday Classroom Strategies and Practices for Supporting Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders.

ISBN: 9781937473235

Reviews (2)

LENEXA, Kansas
June 06 2016
Customer Review: Andrea Arroyo-Nieves - My autistic son is in a Nest school. The program is phenomenal. Best choice for a child on the spectrum who can keep us with a general academic curriculum. He meets or exceeds expectations. The support from the administration, teachers, and his classmates has encouraged him to thrive and become a social butterfly.
LENEXA, Kansas
June 06 2016
Customer Review: Connieann Depaola - My 6 year old has been in the ASD Nest program in Queens NY and it is amazing! The teachers and therapists do a wonderful job of understanding my daughters needs while challenging her high IQ. The Nest model has made my child excel and feel good about school and about trying to develop friends. The co teaching classroom of few high functioning ASD children along with typical children gives her the best of both worlds. The support of the program is a God send and is a program that should be in all schools in all states. The Board of Ed was right on point allowing this program in their NYC schools. God bless the creators and founders of such a game changing program for our high functioning and asperger children!!
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