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Space Travelers - Student Manual

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Space Travelers - Student Manual 
An Interactive Program for Developing Social Understanding, Social Competence and Social Skills for Students with AS, Autism and Other Social Cognitive Challenges

This interactive social skills program, developed for students with ASD and other social cognitive challenges, takes students on a journey into space. They learn major social skills, including understanding emotions, feelings and thinking patterns, reflective problem solving, stress release, dealing with bullying, goal setting and self-regulation. The student manual gives students a permanent record of their accomplishments and allows teachers and parents to review and assess progress. Foreword by Jeanette McAfee.


Margaret-Anne Carter,
EdD, is an educational consultant in care and education settings across Australia. She is recognized as an exemplary educator, creating teaching and learning environments that are inclusive of all children. Margaret is the designer of high-quality, up-to-date professional development resource materials based on current research and legislation and tailored to children's social behavior and emotional well-being. The author of books, curriculum texts, and parenting resources, she regularly presents at conferences and publishes in scholarly journals. 

Josie Santomauro resides in Brisbane, Australia, and has worked/lived in the field of Asperger Syndrome for the past 15 years, after her son was diagnosed. Josie is an internationally published author and international presenter on Asperger Syndrome. Her resources specialize in discussing the diagnosis, strategies, and social skills. She also collaborates with Dr. Margaret-Anne Carter on various resources and boutique seminars on Asperger Syndrome. 

ISBN: 9781931282628

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