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This book bundle is perfect for any Special Education Teacher or Intervention Specialist who work with students in the elementary or middle school environment!

This bundle includes:

I HATE TO WRITE!  focuses on the four areas of writing that are most problematic for students with autism spectrum disorder: language, organization, sensory and visual-motor skills organized under topics such as Getting Started, Knowing What to Write, Getting Stuck, Misunderstanding the Directions, and many more. Take it and use it's worksheets make the task of teaching writing easy and fun. And, all of these strategies are aligned with the National Common Core Standards. Strategies are appropriate for students K-12 and beyond. A diagnosis with autism spectrum disorder should not be a sentencing to a lifetime of trouble writing. This book provides teachers and parents with the tools they need to become better writers. These strategies are easy to integrate into everyday teaching lessons and are designed to deliver results needed to make writing less difficult for those struggling with autism spectrum disorder.

A Week of Switching, Shifting, and Stretching is a picture book that assists children on the autism spectrum, and any child for that matter, in examining their black-and-white thinking in order to begin to think more flexibly rainbow thinking. Using repeated rhymes and illustrations, the child begins to recognize that the more flexible his or her thinking is, the better he or she is able to cope with the challenges that life presents, ultimately leading to fewer tantrums and meltdowns.


Push to Open is a practical and simple guide to strategies that help remove common barriers to success for students with autism, while also benefiting many other students in the general education classroom. The book offers a proactive planning guide to help general education teachers understand some of the most critical characteristics of autism and plan their classroom environment and teaching methods to avoid pitfalls that can occur around sensory, communication, social and instructional issues.


Lesson Plan a la Carte guides teachers, clinicians and administrators through a simple, step-by-step process for creating an integrated lesson plan that addresses the social, environmental and communication challenges that often block students' access to academics and other learning.  As the slim, 90-page volume indicates, the authors don't want to add more work to educators' already busy day. The book makes an educator's existing workload easier to manage by helping them create well-designed and integrated lesson plans that bring together learning objectives, therapeutic supports and modifications students need in the classroom. These plans can then be carried out solo or by a team. Guided instructions are printed on all template forms which are provided in the book as well as on the accompanying CD.


Quinn at School is based on vignettes that reflect the social challenges (interacting with classmates, greeting teachers, playground politics, art class, library visits, etc.) preschool and kindergarten children with social deficiencies face each school day. Many children, not just those with an autism spectrum disorder, have difficulty initiating or sustaining social contact, and this highly visual picture book helps children do just that, using examples from environments and situations they are familiar with. In addition to being used as a lap book, "Quinn at School" comes with a free CD that includes the book in a digital PDF format, which allows children to advance the pages on a computer, keeping them highly engaged and making the resource dually effective. For classroom use, the digital format may be converted for use with a Mimio whiteboard or SMART notebook system.  A fun poster is included, making this a perfect educational tool.


The Classroom and Communication Skills Program considers a combination of factors for verbal language in the development of programs for individual children, including verbal language, cognition, auditory function, oral-motor skills, receptive language and expressive language. The model emphasizes the importance of creating a fluid transition between a child's natural environments, such as home and school, in order to increase the chances of generalizing skills. While not specific to a particular disability, the program is a very helpful resource for educators working with children on the spectrum who have language deficits.


Adalyn's Clare hopes to draw attention to the realities of social anxiety, the importance of teaching relaxation and other coping strategies and the need for teachers and loved ones to help create valuing relationships for children who have difficulty making friends. Although Adalyn is brilliant in academics and has highly developed, special interests, she is filled with fear and prefers to be alone as she finds most human beings confusing and annoying. Adalyn's best friends are the animals in the science room, which is just about her favorite place in the whole wide world. But then comes Clare... Clare is a therapy puppy who has been assigned to help Adalyn find friends. This is a big assignment for a three-month-old puppy, but she doesn't have to figure it all out on her own. Clare draws support from memories of her own mother's wisdom, some really caring teachers; and the life lessons of a friendly ferret, two very smart rats, an exotic bird and a three-legged, guinea pig. Their stories will entertain, delight and amaze you. Recommended for young readers in grades 3-6.


The ASD Zoo of Kalamazoo, is an illustrated, rhyming children’s book that connects the characteristics of various zoo animals to the major social skills characteristics of children with autism spectrum disorder. The book demonstrates how some animals exhibit specific characteristics, eccentric behaviors and special needs. The book capitalizes on their strengths. The goal of this book is for children to recognize their characteristics and learn how to capitalize on them or adapt for greater success in the social realm.


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