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Asperger Syndrome and Adolescence

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Asperger Syndrome and Adolescence

Practical Solutions for School Success

Autism Society Award Winner!

The middle school years, and the transitions to middle and high school, pose challenges for all students. But for students with Asperger Syndrome the transition can be traumatic, leading to a downward emotional spiral and even depression. This comprehensive book starts with an overview of those characteristics of AS that make adolescence particularly challenging and difficult. The centerpiece of the book is a look at strategies and supports for a successful school experience for students with AS at the middle and secondary levels.


Brenda Smith Myles, PhD 

a consultant with the Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI) and the Ziggurat Group, is the recipient of the 2004 Autism Society of America’s Outstanding Professional Award and the 2006 Princeton Fellowship Award. Brenda has made over 1,000 presentations nationally and internationally and has written more than 200 articles and books on ASD.

Diane Adreon,
EdD is an associate director of the University of Miami-Center for Autism and Related Disabilities. Ms. Adreon has published several articles on Asperger Syndrome as well as presented at international, national, regional and state conferences. Ms. Adreon is also the mother of an adolescent with Asperger Syndrome.

ISBN: 9780967251493

Reviews (5)

LENEXA, Kansas
May 26 2016
Customer Review: Nnaz - Very insightful book...with many good tips for middle schoolers. Often, we focus on elementary schoolers, and must remember how difficult it is to transition into middle school. Glad I got it
LENEXA, Kansas
May 26 2016
Customer Review: RedAunt - So much information becomes outdated or obsolete, but I can tell you, since I'm reading this book while we are developing a middle-to-high-school transition plan for our daughter, it's indispensable. Everything that applies to our daughter and her situation is still spot-on, even in this 12-year-old book.
LENEXA, Kansas
May 26 2016
Customer Review: Tami A Goldstein - When my daughter Heather was diagnosed at 13 there were few books or experts on the subject of autism and sensory processing in school. This book was invaluable, it gave sound resonable recommendations for accomodations for success within the school environment. It was one of the resources I still talk about. My daughter is 25 now and has functioing recovery and lives independently. She drives and holds down a job. Read about our journey in "Coming Through the Fog"[...] and see what is was like for the child going to a school environemnt each day before supports and the difference after.
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