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All About My Brother
An Eight-year-old Sister’s Introduction to Her Brother Who Has Autism

This is an invaluable contribution to helping typically developing children understand that a child with autism is a child first, and is someone interesting to know. Sarah gives insight into the sibling relationship in a way only a child can do it. Through her simple depictions of her brother Evan s everyday behavior, Sarah encourages others to approach autism without fear or pity. The effects of her book will live long beyond the last pages, as Sarah invites her young readers to share ideas for how to live with siblings or classmates who have autism spectrum disorders. The book is heart-warming and introspective and the writing style makes it appropriate for children and adults alike. Foreword by Brenda Smith Myles, PhD.

Sarah Peralta
, is eight years old and has written a moving testament to and about her younger brother who has autism.

ISBN: 9781931282116

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LENEXA, Kansas
May 24 2016
Customer Review: Susan Moreno - When it comes to supportive, creative and POSITIVE siblings, Sarah Peralta is at the top of the list! In her new book, All About my Brother, Sarah explains her brother, Evan, to her readers with compassion, entusiasm and a true appreciation of his abilities. If I could give a gift to every individual on the spectrum , it would be a sibling as wonderful as Sarah. This book shpould be in the home of every family with a member on the spectrum. It should be read to and by brothers and sisters,neighbors, and peers, It belongs in every school library. Sarah was eight when she wrote this book, but her wisdom and optimism are ageless.
LENEXA, Kansas
May 24 2016
Customer Review: Amazon customer - This is one of the best books I have ever read by, for and about a sibling who has autism. Sarah, the young author of this book draws a rich portrait of her day-to-day life with her brother, Evan. She provided all the illustrations for the book and her family is a rich portrait of love and acceptance. The bright colors Sarah uses suggests hope and understanding. I like the way she explains and understands Evan's behavior; she knows he likes to chew on frozen foods and uncooked pasta because he likes the crunchy consistency. She understands Evan's way of communicating; e.g. she identifies the sounds Evan makes in response to certain circumstances, such has his happy humming when he is in water. I loved the way Sarah used technical terms she learned from Evan's team intervention specialists. When she uses them, she says quite matter-of-factly, "All I know is we have fun." I like the way she interacts with Evan and accepts and loves him unconditionally. All of the things they do together and all of the socialization she unwittingly teaches him through natural example, she is doing it for love and because it's just plain fun. Get this with SUNDAYS WITH MATTHEW.
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