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Reviews (7): FLIPP The Switch

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March 16 2017
Fantastic resource! By K. J. Robertsonon November 19, 2015 This has been a great resource to share with teachers, support staff, and parents as far as common strategies, why they help, and providing templates/instructions for how to use each strategy so they can be quickly implemented. Love it!
March 16 2017
Awesome resource! By Tosha Boydon September 13, 2015 I attended their conference as a new teacher and wound up using the strategies as a parent to help my son's teacher with behaviors he was exhibiting in his class. I made him a power card as explained in the book using the Laker's to help him with lining up and being fair in school. I read them to him at night during homework and I made laminated ones to keep at school. His teacher loved it. She said when he read it before the transition it helped him to be more successful. The book is easy to follow and unlike some professional developments I've been to I liked that there were many visuals and other strategies that could be used right away. I would suggest this book for teachers and parents alike who need help with strengthening their students executive functioning so they may function well in school and in life!
LENEXA, Kansas
June 02 2016
Customer Review: T. Lopez - Attended a workshop and was given the book as part of the materials, I love it. I was able to read it and use the concepts right away. I would highly recommend this book.
LENEXA, Kansas
June 02 2016
Customer Review: Amy - Has a lot of great ideas and graphic organizers. Easy to read.
LENEXA, Kansas
May 21 2015
As educators, we all want to help our students develop their ability to make decisions, self-regulate, and process emotions in healthy ways. But what does this look like in a busy classroom? This invaluable book transforms theories about executive function into solid classroom strategies. Don’t miss the chapter on problem solving and work systems, as these methods will empower students to take command of their own learning.
LENEXA, Kansas
April 21 2015
On first view of FLIPP the Switch, I knew it would be a ‘must read’ for me. From the Table of Contents to the end of the book, some of the most important questions that parents and caregivers need answered are right there, easy to access. As a mother of two sons on the spectrum, I am always searching for ways to reach, teach, and support my kids. FLIPP the Switch addresses a major challenge for these kids, executive functioning. The strategies are laid out in a user-friendly order, accompanied by templates to be used with little preparation. It is a guide … a reference … a tool … but so much more. I have already used many of the strategies and will be trying out many more … and I share these tips with parents I counsel.
LENEXA, Kansas
April 10 2015
Readers will identify with the everyday scenarios of individuals experiencing executive functioning difficulties. Several support strategies to address each executive function area are presented along with clear step-by-step instructions for making and implementing each support. A clear, useful, easy-to-pick-up-and-use book of practical strategies matched to executive function need.


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