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  1. Autism as Context Blindness
    Autism as Context Blindness

    Dr. Vermeulen has produced a brilliant work that demands attention. Autism as Context Blindness provides a unique glance into the minds of individuals with ASD.

    The internationally known psychologist, Vermeulen explains how the autistic brain functions and highlights the impact of not understanding context. Full of often humorous examples, the book examines context as it relates to observation, social interactions, communication and knowledge. Vermeulen discusses ways to reduce context blindness. Dr. Vermeulen's insights regarding context blindness deliver fresh perspective on how individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) perceive and respond to their environment.

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  2. The Integrated Self-Advocacy ISA® Curriculum (Student Workbook)
    The Integrated Self-Advocacy ISA® Curriculum (Student Workbook)

    International Book Award Finalist!

    This cutting-edge self-advocacy curriculum helps professionals and family members provide safe forums for self-discovery and understanding of the many facets of self-advocacy. It contains 11 units with detailed lesson plans, worksheets and activities, including scanning sensory and social environments, identifying how and when to self-disclose, exploring the history of autism, studying role models with ASD, and developing media literacy on topics involving autism. Students' work throughout the lessons culminates in the creation of a personal self-advocacy portfolio, a living document that can be adjusted over the life span. 

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  3. The Hidden Curriculum for Understanding Unstated Rules in Social Situations for Adolescents and Young Adults
    The Hidden Curriculum for Understanding Unstated Rules in Social Situations for Adolescents and Young Adults
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    Don't hide the hidden curriculum from people with ASD!

    The hidden curriculum includes: unwritten rules, metaphors and idioms, jokes and riddles, and assumptions and expectations -- information that is typically hidden from individuals with ASD. The hidden curriculum is made simple in the revised and expanded edition of this popular book. The authors provide hundreds of hidden curriculum items and a series of instructional strategies that can be used to teach the hidden curriculum. Instructional aids include charts, forms, and templates designed to make the job of teaching and learning the hidden curriculum more effective.

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  4. The ASD Nest Model
    The ASD Nest Model

    A framework for inclusive education for higher functioning children with autism spectrum disorders. With results-driven strategies on every page, be sure to add this must-read title to your ASD resources.

    This well-researched and evidence-based inclusion program, implemented by NYC Public Schools, uses a positive behavior support approach and incorporates strategies that address areas of difficulties common in children with autism spectrum disorder, specifically sensory functioning, social relatedness, self-regulation, managing anxiety, and selective cognitive problems.

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  5. Talk with Me
    Talk with Me

    A whole new perspective on conversation skills. Don’t miss out on this revolutionary approach.

     National Parenting Products Award (NAPPA) Winner!

    Talk With Me is a unique approach to assessing and teaching conversation skills in a group setting – effective for most students who have difficulty engaging in conversations, including students with HF-ASD. The Conversation Framework breaks down the elements of a conversation which must be mastered. The framework was developed and refined across many years based on a review of the relevant research along with close observation of what conversations really sound like. Many find it difficult to teach conversation skills, but the Conversation Framework provides a simple and easy-to-implement process for teaching effective conversational habits. If you’re looking for a comprehensive model with assessments, data collection, visual supports, drills, and prompt examples – this is your book!

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  6. Taking CHARGE of My Rainbow of Emotions
    Taking CHARGE of My Rainbow of Emotions

    Are you looking for the perfect way to provide better tools for individuals with autism spectrum disorder?

    Identifying and expressing emotions in a socially acceptable way poses challenges for many children with autism and related disorders. Starting with a checklist for assessing emotions, this innovative resource provides caregivers with a framework for giving students the tools they need to become effective emotional managers. Lots of forms and visuals make this a practical and ready-to-use guide for any caregiver.

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  7. Successful Problem-Solving for High-Functioning Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders
    Successful Problem-Solving for High-Functioning Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

    If you know how to solve problems -- life is much easier!

    Our lives are full of problems -- small and large -- from knowing how to find pencil to understanding what to do if you are bullied. Many individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have difficulty coming up with effective ways to solve problems. Successful Problem-Solving for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders teaches children how to use a simple rubric to solve problems in the classroom, home, and community. 

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  8. Staying in the Game
    Staying in the Game

    “A survival manual for parents and professionals working with children with autism.” Ami Klin 

    Staying in the Game picks up where many social skills training programs leave off - with generalization. The book addresses this void by presenting a range of interventions aimed at promoting generalization of social skills by showing how to establish social situations that can be opportunities for generalization. The focus of Staying in the Game goes beyond just placing students in inclusion settings, to taking advantage of inclusion by facilitating the use of typical students to address generalization of social skills - one of the most profound challenges for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. With Staying in the Game, families and professionals who support a child with ASD have critical information that describes how to promote generalization of social skills to everyday experience.

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  9. Peer Play and the Autism Spectrum
    Peer Play and the Autism Spectrum

    Teach children with autism to play using this evidence-based curriculum!

    Many children on the autism spectrum spend inordinate amounts of time alone. Without appropriate intervention, they are especially vulnerable to being excluded from their peer group and leading impoverished play lives. This practical guide offers an introduction to the principles, tools and techniques that comprise the Integrated Play Groups model. Pamela Wolfberg essentially translates theory into effective and meaningful practice, giving practitioners, parents and other caregivers the tools to initiate peer play groups for children in school, home and community settings.

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  10. Intimate Relationships and Sexual Health
    Intimate Relationships and Sexual Health

    Keep your student safe and informed. It is essential that all people, including those on the spectrum understand sexuality. 

    This comprehensive, well-researched curriculum fills a long-felt need in the autism community; a frank, up-to-date resource on sexuality tailored to the unique characteristics of high-functioning adolescents and adults with ASD. Using evidence-based practices, the authors present "all you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask/teach", taking into the consideration the autistic learning style. The curriculum comes complete with lessons, activities, downloadable handouts, resources, and more. All the handouts are created for easy duplication and individualization. 

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