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AAPC Publishing specializes in hands-on advice and information for parents, educators and others about topics related to autism spectrum disorders. We are proud of our reputation for publishing only well-written, well-edited books based on best practice. 

Our titles are great whether you interact with an individual with ASD on a daily basis or are new to the autism community. They promote understanding and respect, providing information on how the autistic brain functions and helping people better understand the often complex issues of individuals with ASD so they are better able to provide services and supports.


Autism Resources for Parents

AAPC Publishing is proud to offer affordable resources for parents. It is our goal is to offer publications at affordable prices so that important resources will not be off-limits to anyone. These resources are designed to provide parents with general information about ASD as well as specific information about social skills, parenting, sensory solutions, and more.

In addition, our children’s titles provide engaging ways for both neurotypical children and those with ASD to learn new concepts with an emphasis on understanding respect. They also serve as an excellent springboard for discussion by parents and teachers on the major characteristics of ASD. 

ASD Resources for Educators and Other Professionals

Our cutting-edge resources maximize results for individuals with ASD by tackling how to set up classroom environments, as well as develop supports and instructional strategies and the tools for evaluating student success.

AAPC Publishing’s textbooks are written by experts in the field of ASD and reflect the latest research and educational mandates and trends. Textbooks come with a comprehensive selection of supplemental materials. See our textbook section or contact us to order a textbook catalog.

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Resources for Individuals with ASD

AAPC’s innovative resources help overcome deficits and teach the basic building blocks of social skills, self-regulation, sensory awareness, and postsecondary and career training with real-life applications.  

Your First Source for Practical Solutions for ASD

AAPC’s books and other resources are practical, integrating the best available research with classroom and clinical expertise.

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